We are an engineering solutions company based out of Bengaluru, India. We offer a wide range of products for such as electrical systems, Solar systems, instrumentation & automation solutions and industrial machinery & tools. We basically intend to bridge Global Manufactures and global customers. We export to customers across the globe who have requirement for Engineering products Manufactured in India and Europe. Our technical know-how of the product application and long term associations with the local vendors is an added advantage for our customers..

All our suppliers are well evaluated in terms of their manufacturing facilities, processes & compliance of relevant standards. In addition to the equipment supply, we can also support customers in interfacing the equipment with the system. We are familiar with country specific technical requirements and inspection procedures.

Our Company Services

we have great technological services with professional technical capabilities and best in market Professional Team .

AC/DC Drives

Mostly ABB Drives --Supply ,Commissinng, Service, Retrofit,

Capacitor Reforming kit

We are supplying dedicated customized Automatic Capacitors Reforming Kit which can be used to reform any make AC Drives.

Thyristor/IGBT Tester

IGBT Testers for Workshop and Lab purpose.

Electrical Panel

Electrical Panel design and supply for any Electrical and Automation projects.

Industrial Battery chargers

Industrial Battery chargers

Industrial and Domestic Solar Solution

Industrial and Domestic Solar Solution